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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Encyclopedia of Offense Part 3 eBook now released.

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I have had numerous requests for an Offensive basketball eBook. Here is a collection of offensive basketball coaching notes from the past eight months. This eBook has 75 offensive basketball coaching notes with over 2500 pages of basketball coaching information. As a bonus, I have included the NCAA Division 1 basketball playbook for you.

Here is the list of offensive basketball coaching notes:

4 around 1 Set Plays
Al Skinner: Boston College Flex Offense
Bruce Weber: Offensive Skill Development
Bob Huggins: 5 out Cut and Fill Offense
Ball-screening zone offense
Bill Self Hi low offense
Billy Donovan: The Three Point Shot
Bo Ryan: Swing Offense
Bob McKillop: Davidson Plays versus Kansas
Bob Huggins: Open post motion offense notes
Bob Knight: Zone Offense
Brenda Frese: Maryland Offensive sets
Clinic to end all Clinics 2008
Dick Bennett: Blocker / Mover offense vs. zones
Double Pump Collegiate Basketball Conference Notes
Double Pump Collegiate Basketball Conference Notes from another source
Doug Bruno: Total Offense
Dr. Tom Davis: Man offense
Dribble Drive Motion Offense Options
Gary Garner: Delay Game
Geno Auriemma: Teaching High Post Offense
Greg Popovich: Drills and Motion Offense
Grinnell System: Run and Gun – Understanding it.
Herb Welling: Dribble Drive Motion Offense Setup
Howard Garf’s Clinic Notes
Jamie Dixon: 4 out 1 in Motion offense
Jerry Petitgoue: Dribble Drive Motion offense notes
Jim Morris: Iowa Western Sets
John Beilein: 4 out Zone offense
John Beilein BCAM 2007
John Beilein: Two guard princton offense system
John Beilein: Michigan Clinic typed notes
John Brady: LSU Man Offense
John Brady: Press Offense Vegas 2007
John Burns: Dribble Drive Motion Offense Notes
John Calipari: Definitive Dribble Drive Motion Offense notes
John Calipari: Dribble Drive Motion Offense Vegas 2009
John Groce: Transition Offense Notes
Johnny Orr: Iowa State Man Offense
Johnny Orr: Iowa State Transition Offense
John Thompson: Zone Offense Nike Clinic
Kevin Boyle: Half Court Dribble Series
Kevin O’Neill Marquette Motion Offense
Lawrence Frank: Pick and Roll Offense
Lee Deforest: Winning with Princeton Offense
Mike Rice: Robert Morris 1 on 1 basketball to improve your team
New Heights Coaching Academy
Nike Springfield MA Basketball Clinic 2009
Nike Myrtle Beach Basketball Clinic 2008
Nike Myrtle Beach Basketball Clinic 2009
Paul Westhead: LMU Break
Read and React Offense power point notes
Rick Majerus: 4 out motion offense notes
Rick Majerus: Passing Game
Rick Pitino: Louisville Half Court Offense
Rick Pitino; Louisville Set Plays
Rick Torbett: Read and React Offense 2008
Ruben Magnono: Argentina Flex Offense
Scott Gradin: Game plan your offense notes
Sean Miller: Attacking Zones
Sherri Coale: Motion offense
Speedy Morris: Flex Offense
Tex Winter: Chicago Bulls Triangle Offense
Tex Winter: Triangle Post Offense Notes
Tod Kowalczyk: Attack on Ball Screen Offense
Tom Izzo: Quick Strike Notes
Tom Izzo: Zone Sets
Trent Johnson: LSU 2009 Clinic
Tubby Smith: Kentucky 96 sets
UMKC Triangle Offense
Vance Walberg: AAASA
Vance Walberg: Implenting the dribble drive motion offense
Vance Walberg: Palm Springs 2008 notes
Vance Walberg: Trancoso Clinic notes
Vance Walberg: Basketball Clinic
Zone Offense Basics

Bonus: NCAA Division 1 Basketball Playbook

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Basketball Coaching Clinic Notes: World's Greatest Collection of Basketball Coaching Notes Volume 13: Plus bonus eBook


Learn from the best basketball coaches in the world. You have access to some of the best basketball coaching minds in the world. I have eBook in pdf form that has over 75 individual basketball coaching notes and it is over 2500 pages of content. It is more information than you can absorb in one month.

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Here is the list of notes on this ebook:

2009 Double Pump Collegiate Conference Notes
2-1-2 Press
Alan Stein: Active Warm-up Training Notes
Alan Stein: Measure of a Great Program Vegas 2009
Alan Stein: Vegas 2009
Ball-screening zone offense
Bo Ryan Swing Offense
Bob Huggins Open Post Motion Notes
Brad Stevens: Nike Clinic 2006
Brian Gregory: Man to Man Defense Notes
Bruce Weber: Offensive Skill Development
Bruce Weber: Offensive skill development / ball screens
Bucknell matchup zone
Clinic to end all Clinics 2008
Dick Bennett: Blocker Mover Zone Offense
Divenzio: Point Guard College
Don Meyer: Best Things Vegas 2009
Don Meyer: Full Court Trapping Notes
Don Meyer: International Coaches Clinic
Don Meyer: Perimeter Shooting / Scoring Camp Notes
Don Meyer: Special Situations
Don Meyer: Vegas 2009
Don Meyer: Shooting 2009
Don Meyer: LHSAA 2009
Double Pump Collegiate Conference 2009 Notes
Double Pump Collegiate Conference 2009 Notes from cali
Fran Fraschilla; Season Practice Notes
Fran Allocco: Intagibles for a Successful basketball program
Ganon Baker: Separation Skills
Gregg Marshall: Containment Defense
Gregg Popovich: Drills and Motion offense notes
Grinnell: Run and Gun system: Understanding it.
Herb Sendek: ASU Vegas 2009
International Basketball Strategies eBook
John Beilein: 4 out zone offense
John Calipari: Building a Dominant Defense
John Calipari: Coaching and inspiring today’s athlete
John Calipari: Definitive Dribble Drive Motion Offense
John Calipari: Dirbble Drive Motion Offense Vegas 2009
John Calipari: Fundamentals of an All-star
John Chaney: System
John Beilein: Quips
Larry Shyatt: Defense Wins Championships
Lawrence Frank: Pick and Roll Offense
Mark Grabow: Snow Valley Warrior Drills
Matt Driscoll: University of North Florida Coaching Clinic Notes
Mike Dunlap: Practice Planning from Dvd
Mike Dunlap: Practice Planning
Mike Dunlap 1-1-3 Matchup Zone
Mike Dunlap: Power of Positive Criticism
Mike Dunlap: Post Player Drills
Mike Krzyewski: Practice Planning
Nike Vegas 2009
Nike Myrtle Beach 2008 Zak notes
Pete Carril: Princeton Backdoor Offense
Phil Martelli: Organizing Practice sessions
Point Zone : Defense Slides
Point Zone Defense
Point Guard College Notes
Read and React Drills and Progression
Rick Majerus: 4 out Motion offense notes zak
Rick Torbett: Read and React Offense Notes
Salesian Basketball Clinic 2008
Sean Miller: Attacking zones vegas 2009
Sean Miller: Attacking zones
Sean Miller: Dominanting man defense
Thad Matta: Defensive Rules
Tom Billiter: Triangle and Two Defense
Travis Ford: Individual Improvement Drills
Vance Walberg: Full Court Pressure
Vance Walberg: Palm Springs – Half court defense looks
Vance Walberg: Palm Springs Notes
Vance Walberg Press Clinic Notes
Vivan Stringer: Pressing to win vegas 2009
Windsor Clinic 2009 notes
Windsor Clinic 2009 Part 2
Youth Basketball practice plan eBook

I hope that you enjoy.

Coach Peterman