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Monday, May 26, 2008

World's greatest collection of basketball coaching notes volume 9 now available..


Here is the New E-Book for you. It is Volume 4 of the "World's Greatest Collection of Basketball Coaching Notes". Volume 9 has 104 coaching notes for you. I hope that you enjoy it.


Here is the Listing for Volume 9:

Alan Stein: Nike Clinic 2008 Offseason conditioning and strength development
Bill Fennelly: Zone Offense
Bill Foster: Miami Basketball Philosophy
Billy Gillispie: Coaching Notes
Billy Gillispie: In your face defensive drills
Bob Huggins: Intense Practice Drills
Bob Huggins: Smothering Ball Defense
Bobby Lutz: 4 out 1 in set plays
Brad Nabourne: Manchester Special Situations
Brad Soderberg: Coaching notes
Brand Miller: Butler Ball Screens
Caroline McCombs: Individual Skill Development
Chris Lowery: Blending transition defense with half court defense
Colorado Coaching Academy: Mike Dunlap
Dana Altman: Creighton offense
Dave Arseneault: Grinnell System
David Moe: Emporia State Set Plays
Dean Smith: 4 corners Delay game
Dean Smith: Run and Jump
Dino Gaudio: Nike Clinic 2008 Rebounding
Don Meyer: Nike Clinic 2008 Our game sheet of special situations
Doug Bruno: Eight Interchangeable Offensive Sets
Dr. Tom Davis: Modified Flex Offense
Duke Agility and Conditioning Defense notes
Ernie Kent: Oregon Transition Offense
Greg McDermott: Set Play offense
Gregg Marshall: Pressure Matchup Defense
Harry Perretta: Villanova Motion offense
Herb Sendek: coaching notes
Hubie Brown: How to win with less talent
Iowa State: Women’s Basketball Set Plays
Jay Wright: Nike clinic 2008 Plays for Players
Jay Wright: Special Situations
Jerry Wainwright: Game Situations, blobs, and etc.
Jerry Wainwright: Perimeter play and fastbreak
Jim Calhoun: UCONN rebounding
Joanne P. McCallie: Matchup defense
Joey Stiebing: Set Plays, slobs, and blobs
John Groce: Ohio State Ball Screens and Post Play
John Robic: Youngstown Zone Offense
Kelvin Sampson: Indiana Basketball Clinic 2007
Kerry Prather: Franklin College Transition Offense
Kevin Eastman: Skill Development
Kevin McKenna: Spread offense
Kevin O’Neill: Nike Clinic 2008 My defensive concepts
Kevin O’Neill: Arizona Favorite Set Plays
Kevin Stallings: Illinois State Zone Offense
Kevin Sutton: 26 skill development drills
Lason Perkins: Offensive notes
Lason Perkins: Open Post offense notes
Lewis Preston: Notre Dame Post Development
Linc Draner: St. Joseph’s Fast break
Lon Kruger: Unlv Set Plays and blobs
Mac Petty: Wabash Coaching Clinic
Mark Turgeon: Texas A&M Set Plays
Matt Brown: UMKC Individual Offensive fundamentals
Matt Doherty: Notre Dame General coaching thoughts
Memphis: Dribble Drive Motion Sets
Middle Tennesse: Total Option offense
Mike Anderson: 40 Minutes of Hell
Mike Brey: Zone Offense
Mike Brey; Notre Dame Coaching clinic
Mike Divillbliss: 2-3 Zone trap buzz
Mike Dunlap: Metro State Practice Planning
Mitch Henderson: Northwestern Princeton Offense
Muffet McGraw: Spread Triangle Offense
Niagria Set Offense
Oregon’s Open and Early Offense
Passing game
Randy Nesbitt: Citadel motion offense
Roy Williams: coaching note
Royce Waltman: Indiana State Offensive Preparations
Royce Waltman: Zone Offense
Sam Alford: Iowa Team Offense
Scott Trost: Lewis Championship practices and special teams
Sean Kearney: Notre Dame 3 out 2 in motion offense
Sherri Coale: Oklahoma Little things that matter
Skip Prosser: Rebounding Drills
Skip Prosser: Wake Forest Pressing system
Slyvia Hatchell: Nike clinic 2008 Winning the Carolina Way
Spencer 1-1-3 matchup zone
Stan Van Gundy: We Play Hard clinic Pick and Roll Offense 1
Stan Van Gundy: We Play Hard Clinic Pick and Roll Offense 2
Steve Alford: Motion Offense
Steve Fisher: Michigan post double
Steve Smith: Oak Hill Defensive drills
Steve Smith: Oak Hill Drills
Steve Smith: Oak Hill Special Plays Nike Clinic 2008
Tara Vanderveer: Standford’s Triangle Offense
Thad Matta: Nike Clinic 2008 Player Development
Thad Matta: Xavier Defensive Philosophy
Tim Floyd: Offensive Sets
Todd Lickliter: Iowa Offensive Fundamentals
Todd Sturgeon: Post Defense
Tom Crean: Marquette Offense and OB’s
Tom Klusman: Rollins 1-3-1 zone
Tommy Gaither: Baptist College man defense
Total Offensive Package
Trent Johnson: Half court game
100. Tubby Smith: Kentucky Flex Offense
101. University of Redlands: Gary Smith Running system
102. Vance Walberg: Memphis DDM Scouting final four
103. Vance Walberg: Scouting the Memphis DDM
104. Will Rey: Box and one offenses

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

World's greatest collection of basketball coaching notes volume 4 now available..


Here is the New E-Book for you. It is Volume 4 of the "World's Greatest Collection of Basketball Coaching Notes". Volume 4 has 104 coaching notes for you. I hope that you enjoy it.

Here is the listing for Volume 4:

1-2-2 Ball press
1-3-1- Lehnus trap
1-3-1 Palmer trap
1-3-1 West Virginia Trap
Argentina Sets
AST Plays
Basketball Coaches Retreat at University of Memphis
Baylor Individual Development
BB Presses
Bill Self – 3 out 2 in zone basic offense
Billy Donovan Ball Screen Concepts
Billy Donovan Matchup Press
Billy Donovan Spread Pick and Roll Offense
Billy Donovan Press Build Up
Bob McKillop Myrtle Beach notes
Bob Knight Notes
Bob Marlin Transition Defense
Bobby Cremins Myrtle Beach Notes
Bobby Huggins 2-3 Zone
Bobby Hussy Special Situations
Bobby Lutz Myrtle Beach notes
Brad Stevens Coaching Clinic
Bruce Pearl Cutters Offense and Strength / Conditioning
Bruce Pearl Press Notes
Bruce Pearl Man to Man OB Plays
Bruce Weber 20 Competitive drills
Bruiser Flint Hard Nosed Closeout Defense
Chris Lowery: Competitive Half Court Drills
Chris Lowery: Competitive Transition Drills
Circle Defense
Coach K Championship Practices
Coaching Clinic in Texas 2004
Coaching Notes May 2005
Dana Altman: High Post Offense
Dean Cooper: Pick and Roll Offense
Detroit Pistons: Training Camp
Dick Bennett: Defensive Concepts 1
Dick Bennett: Defensive Concepts 2
Dick Bennett: Defensive Notes 2 pages
Dick Bennett: Pack Line Defense 1
Dick Bennett: Pack Line Defense 2
Don Meyer: Coaching Academy / Rick Majerus
Don Meyer: Post man notes
Dr. Tom Davis Press
Eric Musseleman: Motivation
Establishing the interior game
Flip Saunders: Matchup zone
Gary Williams: Full Court Press
Gator Fundamentals
Geno Auriemma: Teaching High Post offense
Gary Williams, Roy Williams, Dave Odom Clinic
Hank Iba Delay Game
Harry Perretta: Motion Offense
Hubie Brown: Coaching Notes
Hubie Brown: Playbook for Success
Hubie Brown: Thoughts on Practice
Jay Wright: Myrtle Beach Plays for Players
Jay Bilas: State of the Game
Jeff Van Gundy: Pick and Roll Offense
Jim Boeheim: 2-3 Zone
Jim Larranga: Scramble Defense
Jim Calhoun: Notes
John Calipari: UMASS notes
John Calipari: Individual Improvement
Ken Sheilds: Defense
Ken Sheilds: Superconference 2000
Kevin Eastman: Nike Hoop Jamb.
Kevin O’Neill: Defensive Thoughts
Larry Brown: Myrtle Beach Early Offense
Lawrence Frank: Early Offense
Lon Kruger: UNLV playbook
Memphis Attack System
Michigan State University Notes
Mike Dunlap: Australian Clinic
Mike Dunlap: Practice Planning
Mike Dunlap: Ohlone JC Clinic
Mike Montgomery: Myrtle Beach Notes
Mike Fratello: 3pt shot
Mike Moran: Platooning
Mike Dunlap: Defense
Nike Clinic: 2006
Pat Summitt: Definite Dozen and Strength / conditioning
Pat Summitt: Strength Training 2004
Pat Summitt: With Diagrams
Paul Hewitt: GT Motion Offense
Press Package
Princeton High Set Offense
Princeton Low Set Offense
Rick Majerus Notes
Rick Majerus Post Play
Rick Pitino: Pressing System
Roy Williams: Leadership
Roy Williams: TABC clinic
Scott Drew: Individual Development
Teaching on Ball Screens
Tom Izzo: Special Teams for Championship teams
Tom Crean: Individual Workouts
Tom Izzo: Rebounding and Zone Quick Hitters
University of Redlands System
Vance Walberg: San Jose Clinic
Vance Walberg: West Valley JC clinic
Vance Walberg Notes
Vance Walberg: UC Davis notes
West Virginia Press

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Thursday, May 1, 2008

World's greatest collection of basketball coaching notes volume 5 now available..


Here is volume 5 of the "World's Greatest Collection of Basketball Coaching Clinic Notes". It is an impressive list of basketball coaching information. The Kevin O'Neill and Lawrence Frank stuff is really good.

Here is the list:

1. A Defensive System: by Mike Jarvis
2. Al Skinner: Boston College Flex Offense
3. Arizona men’s study tour
4. Arizona women’s study tour
5. Bill Self: KU Pressbreak
6. Billy Donovan: Post Development
7. Bobby Knight: Offensive clinic
8. Bobby Knight: Baden clinic
9. Brad Stevens: Coaching clinic
10. C: The Grinnell system
11. Coach Meyer Fall 2006
12. Coaching Wisdom to Ponder
13. Dave Leitao: Attacking 2-2-1 Press
14. Dave Odom: Coaching clinic
15. Dick Davey, Steve Smith, Todd Lickliter, Tom Crean Clinic notes
16. Don Meyer: 1999 Coaches academy notes
17. Don Meyer: The mental approach
18. Eric Bridgeland: UPS Defensive Philosophy
19. Eric Bridgeland: UPS Offensive Philosophy (Walberg stuff)
20. Gary Nottingham: Late Game Special Situations
21. Gary Waters: 3 out 2 in motion
22. Gary Williams, Roy Williams, Odom clinic
23. Georgia Tech Individual Defense
24. Georgia Tech Individual workouts
25. Georgia Tech Match-up Press
26. Georgia Tech Motion Offense
27. Georgia Tech Secondary Break
28. Greg Brittenham: Individual conditioning drills
29. Grinnell System: How it works
30. Grinnell System: clinic notes
31. Hubie Brown: Playbook for Success
32. Jeff Lebo: Double the Post
33. Jerry Wainwright: 3 point plays
34. Jim Boone: Pressure Pack Line Defense
35. Jim Calhoun: 2004 notes
36. Jim Harrick: Program notes
37. Joe Ciampi: 1-1-3 matchup zone
38. John Chaney: The system
39. Kim Mulkey-Robertson: Game Plan for Success
40. Kelvin Sampson, Skip Prosser, Lon Kruger, Renee Portland clinic notes
41. Kelvin Sampson notes
42. Kevin Eastman: Individual workout camp
43. Kevin O’Neill: 3 out 2 in motion
44. Kevin O’Neill: Defensive thoughts
45. Kevin O’Neill: Drills
46. Kevin O’Neill: Match-up zone
47. Kevin O’Neill: Motion Offense
48. Kevin O’ Neill: Post Skill Development
49. Kevin O’Neill: Press Offense
50. Kevin O’Neill: Program Facts
51. Kevin O’Neill: Secondary Break
52. Kevin O’Neill: Set Plays
53. Kevin O’Neill: Shell Drill
54. Kevin O’Neill: Skill Development
55. Kevin O’Neill: Zone Offense
56. Kevin O’Neill: Individual development
57. Larry Brown: Secondary Break
58. Larry Eustachy: Motion Entries
59. Lawrence Frank: Building motion offense
60. Leon Rice: Gonzaga Entries into Flex offense
61. Lon Kruger: 43 out of bounds series
62. Loyala Marymount fastlane series
63. Mark Few: Flex for Success
64. Mark Few: Individual Improvement
65. Mark Gottfried: Alabama Program notes
66. Mike D’Antoni Phoenix Offense
67. Mike Dunlap: The truth test 3 on 3
68. Mike Garland: Michigan State Rebounding handout
69. Mizzu football : leadership handout
70. Nike clinic: 2006
71. Nike Myrtle Beach 2008 Clinic
72. Nike Championship Basketball Coaching clinic 2006 with diagrams
73. Nike Championship Coaches clinic
74. Nolan Richardson: Arkansas Program notes
75. Pack Line Defense Philosophy
76. Pat Summitt: Lady Vol clinic
77. Pat Summitt: Baden Clinic
78. Pete Carril: Back Door Princeton Clinic
79. PG Play: Bob Hurley Sr.
80. Skip Prosser: coaching clinic notes
81. Stan Van Gundy: NBA applications, Late Game situations, AIA clinic
82. Stan Heath: Arkansas notes
83. Steve Alford: Series breakdown for motion offense
84. Steve Alford: How to build a program
85. Steve Klaas: 1-3-1 zone traps and adjustments
86. Thad Matta: Clinic notes
87. Todd Lickliter: Clinic
88. Tom Izzo: Michigan State Complete offensive system
89. Tom Crean: Transition Defense and Rebounding
90. Tusculum Pressure Pack Line Defense philosophy
91. UNC Practice plan for one day
92. UNC Transition game
93. UNC Wilmington Clinic notes
94. Vance Walberg Blood Drills
95. Vance Walberg Fresno Specials
96. Vance Walberg Offensive sets
97. Vance Walberg: Basic system notes (26 pages)
98. Wake Forest: team practice for a day
99. WoodStock system: Walberg offense
100. Walberg: California notes
100. Walberg: Fresno Defense rules
101. Walberg: Run and Jump press
102. Wolverine team playbooks

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