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Coach Peterman

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Develop simple basketball plays into effective modern strategies!

Modern basketball has come a long way from the days when a peach basket was used as a hoop.  The progressively technical and intricate basketball plays that have been developed by coaches over the years have required constant changes to the way the game is viewed.  Specific focus on different types of basketball offenses has helped create new and intriguing ways to bring teams forward with a more competitive aspect.  Complex plays are necessary, as defenses have evolved to recognize common plays; just like the game of football continuously develops with new defenses and new offenses such as the Wildcat formation, the game of basketball continues to move into the future.  Coaches must embrace the realization that the game has changed; coaching styles must adapt to the modern basketball playbook to achieve success. 
                Some examples of better coaching techniques can be applied to running more effective basketball drills.  In the early days of basketball, you simply had to follow orders to run however long for this many minutes, and so on.  If you could keep up with everybody else, then you were okay to play; newer methods of testing the effectiveness of players during drills has helped increase the coach’s ability to make effective decisions on whom to start in a game, use a certain player for a specific offensive or defensive play and various other applications.  Altogether, an effective coach will transform simple basketball plays in order to bring them into the modern game that is played today. 

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Boston Celtics 2010 Basketball Playbook : "Learn Doc Rivers Style of Play for the Boston Celtics"

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I am proud to introduce this newest basketball playbook. Boston Celtics 2009-2010 Basketball Playbook: "Learn Doc Rivers Style of Play for the Boston Celtics". It has their top eight plays, 11 Transition Sets, 39 Half-Court Sets, 9 Sideline Out of Bounds Plays, and 8 Baseline Out of Bounds plays. It is a total of 75 of their best basketball plays combined into one compact playbook.

Example of one of the "Top Plays"
Example of one of the "Half-Court Sets"

I really think that you will enjoy this NBA Playbook.  It will have variations on the Pick and Roll Offense that you normally don't see.  You might see a couple sets that you can incorporate into your set play offense or use them as quick hitters.  75 of the top basketball coaching plays from the Boston Celtics is at your disposal for $15.  I hope that you enjoy.

Coach Peterman

Thursday, October 28, 2010

2010 Euroleague Playbook: "Learn the style of play from Ettore Messina, Zeljko Goradovic, and many others"

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I am proud to introduce you to the 2010 Euroleague Playbook: "Learn the style of play from Ettore Messina, Zeljko Goradovic, and many others" It has 75 plays and 122 pages that is packed with euroleague information. It is a look inside several teams and a chance to spice up your playbook. I have thought that my greatest work was the "International Strategies Playbook", but this one tops it. The Euroleague teams run different types of sets for posting up guards, posting up post players, motion and pick and roll, zone offense, slobs and blobs.

Regal FC Barcelona is the new Euroleague champion!

Regal FC Barcelona is the 2010 Euroleague champion! Barca downed Olympiacos 86-68 in the final before a packed house at the Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy in the French capital to win its second Euroleague crown. Juan Carlos Navarro, the only remaining player from Barcelona’s 2003 Euroleague-winning squad, was named Final Four MVP after leading the charge with 21 points.

I have plays from the 2010 Euroleague Champions (Regal FC Barcelona), Real Madrid, BC Khimi, Panathinkaikos, Olympiacos, Aris, and Panellinios.

I have tons of plays from great Euroleague coaches such as Ettore Messina. Ettore Messina's won the 1998 and 2001 Euroleague with Virtus Bologna...won the 2006 and 2008 Euroleague with CSKA Moscow...won the 1992-93, 1997-98 and 2000-01.

I have plays from Zeljko Obradovic who won the 1992 Euroleague with BC Partizan Belgrade…won the 1994 Euroleague with Joventut Badalona…won the 1995 Euroleague with Real Madrid CF.

Here is the breakdown:

Posting up Guards: 12 plays

Posting up Posts: 15 plays

Motion / Pick and Roll: 40 Plays

Zone Offense: 4 Plays

Slobs: 2 Plays

Blobs: 2 Plays

Example of Posting Guards

Examples of Pick and Roll Sets:

I clearly think that this is one of my best playbooks that I have produced. If you want some new wrinkles to put into your set plays then you take a look at this playbook. I know that you will enjoy.

Coach Peterman

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Best Basketball Coaching Clinic Notes Volume 4 eBook is now released



I am proud to introduce "Best Basketball Coaching Clinic Notes - Volume 4".  It includes 79 basketball coaching clinic notes and 56 chalkboards.  It is totally packed with basketball coaching information.  I have complied these notes for the  last six months.  You can learn man offense, zone offense, man to man defense, zone defense, slobs and blobs, and tons more.

Here is a list of the basketball coaching clinic notes:

2009 Power Clinic Notes
Ball Handling Workouts
Ben Jacobson UNI Offense Zone
Blaine Taylor Old Dominion 14 options for transition
Bob Huggins West Virginia 5 Out Motion Offense
Chad Bendict - Program Building for Hs.
Dan Watson - Hs. Defense fro Macomb Hs.
Dave Paulsen - Motion Offense for dummies
David Arseneault: Grinnell System Notes
Ed Schilling Mandatory Moves Notes
Euroleague: Three of a Kind Clinic Notes
Final Four 2010 Slobs
Fran Fraschilla Ball Screen Offense
Gary Smith Relands System Notes
Gregg Marshall Wichita State Playbook
Jay Wright Notes
Jim Boone: Motion Offense Clinic
Jimmy Tillette Samford 5 out Motion Offense
Keith Richard: LSU Man to Man defense
Kevin Boyle Shell drill notes
Kevin Boyle Zone offense notes
Lon Kruger Atlanta Hawks Playbook
Loren Wallace 1-2-2 Press Power Point
Mark Phelps Drake University Skill and Player development
Nike Clinic Notes on Basketball Gun Drills
Nike Las Vegas 2010 Clinic Notes
Paul Westhead Loyala Marymount Notes
Phil Beckner: NBA Draft - College Differences
Princeton Secondary Break
Rick Duckett Grambling State Man defense
Sean Miller Arizona Wildcats NABC 2010 Clinic Notes
Vance Walberg Mid-south Clinic 2007 notes
Villa 7 Conference 2009 Notes
5 Star Clinic Chicago Notes Zak
70 Blobs and Slobs
Baylor Individual and Team Defensive Concepts
Ben Jacobson Competitive Drills for man defense
Ben Jacobson Special Drills to improve your team
Bill Self Kansas 2 Game Notes
Bobby Knight FortWalton 2009 Notes
Bruce Weber: Defense Diagrams
Bruce Weber: Transition Defense
Dave Stricklin: Triangle Entries
Defending the Flex Offense
Double Pump Clinic Notes
Dribble Drive Attack Notes
Ettore Messina Nike Hamburg Europe Clinic Notes
Flex Offense - Set Plays
Florida Coaches Improvement Clinic 2009 Notes
Florida Coaches Improvement Clinic 2010 Notes
Fran Fraschilla Ball Screen Offense
Herb Welling Dribble Drive Motion Offense Notes
Jackie Ansely Nike Hamburg Post Clinic 2010
Jay Wright: Building a player the wright way
Jeff Young: Toughness Drills
Jerry Petitgoue: DDM Offense Notes
Jerry Tarkanian Amoeba Defense Notes
Jim Calhoun Clinic to end all Clinic 2010 notes
Jim Boeheim 2-3 Zone Defense Keys
Kevin Eastman: Nike Skill Developement Camp Notes
Lawrence Frank Clinic to end all clinic notes 2010
Lon Kruger / Herb Sendek 2010 Gahr Notes
Mike Garland Michigan state rebounding notes
Niagara out of bounds plays
Phil Martelli Notes about sitting still 2010
Rising Coaches Conference Notes 2010
Rising Coache Elite Notes 2010 (different set)
Sean Miller / Jim Boylen Gahr Clinic notes
Sergio Scariolo Nike Hamburg Coaching Clinic Notes
Sergio Scariolo International Nike Coachign Clinic 2010 notes
Seth Greenberg Quick Hitters and Ramsey Continuity offense
Seth Greenberg Ramsey Offense Diagrams
Sylvia Hatchell UNC Offensive Philosophy
Tom Izzo Notes
Tony Barone Daily Defensive Drills
Vivian Stringer 55 Defense Clinic to end all Clinic Notes 2010

I hope that you enjoy this great set of basketball coaching notes.

Coach Peterman

Gonzaga Bulldogs Playbook: "Learn Mark Few's Secondary Break, Flex Offense, Out of bounds plays, and Press break"

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I am now releasing the Gonzaga Playbook: "Learn Mark Few's Style of play concerning Secondary Break, Flex Offense, Out of Bounds Plays, and Full Court Press Break". It has 73 pages of basketball coaching information. It has 21 different variations on their secondary break offense which is tremendous. Their Secondary break flows right into their flex offense. They are 12 different variations on the Flex Offense. I have included 10 out of bounds plays and 7 Full Court Press Break options.

Gonzaga was (27-7) last year and their 13th straight 20-win season. For the fourth time in his 11 years as head coach of Gonzaga University, he guided the Bulldogs to the Sweet Sixteen of the NCAA Tournament in 2009. Gonzaga's run of 13 consecutive WCC Tournament championship game appearances is also the second-longest streak of years making a final of a conference tournament among the current conference alignments.

The playbook costs $10 and what do you get:

50 Plays
75 Pages of Basketball Coaching information into the Gonzaga Bulldog Program
 21 Variations of Secondary Breaks
12  Variations of Flex Offense
10 Out of Bounds Plays
 7 Full Court Press Breakers

I really think that you are going to enjoy the X's and O's that I have draw up from watching countless hours of footage and research on the Gonzaga Bulldog Program.  I hope that  you enjoy.

Coach Peterman

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mid-Major Division One Playbook (Volume 2) : Butler Bulldogs, Gonzaga Bulldogs, Utah State Aggies, and Utah Utes

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I am proud to announce the Volume 2 of the Mid-Major Madness Playbook series. It has 33 Half-court set plays, 15 Baseline Out of Bounds Plays, and 2 Sideline Out of Bounds Plays. This playbook has the following Division 1 Programs: Butler Bulldogs, Gonzaga Bulldogs, Utah State Aggies, and the Utah Utes. It includes the best plays from these programs in this 55 page playbook.

These teams don't have the best talented players in the nation, but each one of them had great seasons and made the NCAA Tournament. I put this playbook series together so you could learn from them. I took the best sets / blobs that each of these teams ran during their season and put them in this playbook.

" Brad Stevens and the Bulldogs are reveling in the glory of their NCAA tournament run."

Here is an example of one of the set plays:

"Mark Few has been head coach at Gonzaga for 11 seasons."
Example of one of the Blobs in this playbook:
You have the opportunity to learn offense from some great X's and O's coaches on the mid-major level. These coaches don't have the best players in the country either and use these sets to maxize their talent. You can look into some of the "secrets" that powered these teams to greatness this past season.

Coach Peterman

 "The Butler Bulldogs almost pulled out a win against Duke in the NCAA Finals"

Monday, August 9, 2010

Mid Major Madness Playbook: "Learn from the Cinderella Teams that shocked the NCAA Tournament in 2010"

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(Price of this Playbook: $10)


I am proud to introduce "Mid-Major Madness: Learn from the Cinderella teams that shocked the NCAA Tournament" Playbook. It has 50 plays in this playbook. I have included 34 half court set plays and 14 blobs from teams such as Utep, Sienna, Old Dominion, Murray State, St. Mary's, Cornell, and University of Northern Iowa.

These teams don't have the best talented players in the nation, but each one of them had great seasons and made the NCAA Tournament I put this playbook series together so you could learn from them. I took the best sets / blobs that each of these teams ran during their season and put them in this playbook.

"One of the defining images of the thrilling NCAA tourney was Farokhmanesh's shot against No. 1 KU."

Half-Court Set Example:

Blobs Example:

You have the opportunity to learn offense from some great X's and O's coaches on the mid-major level. These coaches don't have the best players in the country either and use these sets to maxize their talent. You can look into some of the "secrets" that powered these teams to greatness this past season.

Coach Peterman

Picture of this 2010 NCAA Tournament:

"Cornell players celebrate after the 12th seed completed an upset of fifth seed Temple"

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Michigan State Spartans "2009-2010" Playbook released | Learn the Tom Izzo Style of Set Plays, Slobs, and Blobs

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I am proud to release the "Michigan State 2009-2010 Playbook". Learn the Tom Izzo Style of play concerning Set Plays, Slobs, and Blobs. There are 56 plays in this playbook. It has 36 set plays, 4 Slobs, and 16 Blobs in it.

Coach Izzo is known as a Pro-Style basketball coach. In the NBA, they mainly use Sets and that is why the Cleveland Cavaliers pursued him so hard. He is known as the best set play and out of bounds coach in college basketball today.

If you don't know what a slob or blob is then here it goes. A slob is a "sideline out of bounds" play. A blob is a "baseline out of bounds" play. Michigan State doesn't just try to get the ball inbounds. They are trying to score. Their PPP (Points per possession) for Blobs this year in 37 games was .844. That is tremendous! There were great scoring on the Blobs.

Their set plays (PPP) Points per possession were .844 for 37 games was very good. I only took the plays that they consistently scored all year long. I looked at all 37 games and only took the "VERY BEST" from them.

Here are some sample set play:

Here is a sample Blob:

I really hope that you enjoy this "63 pages / 56 Play"  ebook. I only put the "Very Best" in it for you.  I don't think that there is a better buy on the internet for $10.

Coach Peterman

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Triangle Offense: Learn from the Los Angeles Lakers and Chicago Bulls

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I am proud to present the "Triangle Offense Playbook" to you. I have taken the best ideas of the triangle offense that was run in Chicago and Los Angeles and put them together.

Definition according to wikipedia on Triangle Offense : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triangle_offense

"The Triangle Offense, also known as the Triple-Post offense, is an offensive strategy in basketball. Its basic ideas were initially established by Hall of Fame coach Sam Barry at the University of Southern California. His system was later refined by former Kansas State University head basketball coach and current Los Angeles Lakers consultant Tex Winter, who played for Barry in the late 1940s.

The system's most important feature is the sideline triangle created between the center, who stands at the low post; the forward, at the wing, and the guard at the corner. The team's other guard stands at the top of the key and the weak-side forward is on the weak-side high post — together forming the "two-man game".

The goal of the offense is to fill those five spots, which creates good spacing between players and allows each one to pass to four teammates. Every pass and cut has a purpose and everything is dictated by the defense."

It is an offense that can be run when you don't have great post players.  The Chicago Bulls had Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, but not a great post player.  If you have post players like the Los Angeles Lakers do with Paul Gasol and Andrew Bynum then you could incorporate it.  Just watch the NBA Finals and see for yourself.

This playbook has 40 Different Actions, 35 Different Set Plays, and 25 Out of bound Plays consisting of blobs, slobs, or last second plays.  It has 100 different plays and is over 100 pages long.  If you want to add a wrinkle from the Triangle offense then here you go.  If you want to incoporate the whole thing.  You will have it also.

Here is a "Action" sample:

Here is a Set Play Sample:

Here is a Out of Bounds Sample:

I hope that you enjoy this playbook.

Coach Peterman

Saturday, May 29, 2010

NBA Play-Off Teams 2010 Playbook eBook is here

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Here is the biggest project that I have taken on in a year. It is to break down the NBA Playoffs. I am now releasing the "NBA Play-off Teams 2010 Playbook" eBook. It has set plays from the teams involved in the NBA 2010 playoffs.

I have done playbooks on the San Antonio Spurs and Phoenix Suns in the past, but I took the top 100 best NBA Playoff Sets and put them in a playbook for you. It has everything that you can imagine and a million different ways to run the pick and roll.

Boston Celtics Set:

I know that you will really enjoy this new playbook.  It has 100 NBA Sets and a bonus of 8 out of bounds plays for you.  I hope that it helps you in this off-season.

Coach Peterman

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kentucky Dribble Drive Motion Offense 2010 Playbook released | "Exclusive" - Kentucky DDM Greece Clinic Notes

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Take a inside look on how Kentucky ran their Dribble Drive Motion Offense in the 2009-2010 season. You get to see the X's and O's of how the Kentucky Basketball Coach turned this team into a DDM team. How did he effecitively use Patrick Patterson (Post player turned Perimeter Guard) and what options did they use when he needed a score in the post?

What do you do when your Dribble Drive Motion Offense team gets a little stagnant? He are some wrinkles that will allow you different looks into DDM and still use all of the DDM Concepts.

The First part of this eBook has 50 plays / 57 plays of basketball X's and O's information. I give you half-court set plays to get into DDM, Zone Offense that keep DDM concepts alive and some Zone Blob Plays.


The second part of this eBook has 32 plays / 40 plays of DDM Clinic information never available anywhere in the United States. The diagramed notes detail: Dribble Drive Motion Offense, Drills for DDM, More Zone offense sets, Pick and Roll Offense for DDM, and Three Point plays that employ DDM Concepts.


Learn different wrinkles that are only taught in the N.B.A. and many more tips....

I hope that you enjoy.

Coach Peterman

Saturday, April 17, 2010

"Zone Offense and Zone Defense" eBook is now released


I am pleased to release the "Zone Offense and Zone Defense" eBook.  You asked for it so I put it together for you.  I have 120 basketball coaching notes on zone offense and zone defense.  As a bonus, I have included the Temple Matchup Zone eBook. 

I hope that you enjoy this ebook.

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Here is a listing of the 120 Basketball coaching clinic notes.  I has over 3000 pages of basketball coaching information:
1. 1-3-1 Lehnus zone defense

2. 1-3-1 Palmer zone defense

3. 1-3-1 West Virginia zone defense

4. 1-3-1 zone and 2-3 combo zone defense

5. 1-3-1 zone defense

6. 1-3-1 John Beilein zone

7. 1-3-1 lob pass zone

8. 2008 BCAM Clinic

9. A Bunch of Continuity Zone Offenses

10. Amoeba Zone Defense

11. Ball Screen zone offense

12. Ben Jacobson: UNI offense versus zones

13. Ben Jacobson: UNI set plays vs. 3-2 zone

14. Bill Fennelly Zone Offense

15. Bill Self Zone and Man Offense

16. Bill Self: 3 out, 2 in zone offense

17. Bob Knight: Zone Offense

18. Bob Huggins: 2-3 zone

19. Bozidar Malikovic: Zone Offense

20. Brandon Miller: Butler Ball screens

21. Bucknell Matchup Zone

22. Buzz 2-1-2 Half Court Trap Zone

23. Buzz Peterson: Set Plays versus zone

24. Clinic to end all Clincs: 2008

25. Clinic to end all Clinics: 2009

26. Clinic to end all clinics: 2008 Zak Notes

27. Coach K: Zone Offense

28. Colorado Coaching Clinic

29. Dave Odom: Nike Springfield 2008 – Zone Offense

30. Dick Bennett: Blocker / Mover versus Zones

31. Don Meyer: 1-1-3 Matchup Zone

32. Don Meyer: Matchup zone

33. Don Meyer: Coaching Academy and Rick Majerus

34. Double Pump: Coaching Clinic 2007

35. Double Pump: Coaching Clinic 2008

36. Double Pump: Coaching Clinic 2009

37. Doug Bruno: Total Offense

38. Dr. Tom Davis: Flexible 3-2 zone offense

39. Emporia State Denial Point Defense

40. Flip Saunders: Matchup Zone defense

41. Florida Self Improvement Clinic 2009

42. Fran Dunphy: Penn Zone Zone Offense

43. Gene Evans: 2-3 Matchup Zone

44. Gene Miller: Zone Offense

45. Gregg Marshall: Pressure matchup zone

46. Gregg Popovich: Belgrade Clinic 2004

47. Hubie Brown: Zone Offense

48. Hubie Brown: Memphis Grizzlies Set Plays

49. Illinois State Zone Offense

50. Indiana 4 out , 1 in ball screen zone offense

51. Iowa zone offense

52. Iso Double vs. 1-2-2

53. Iso Double vs. 2-3

54. Jack Bennett: Gap Offense

55. Jay Wright Nike Clinic 2008 Plays for Players

56. Jim Boehiem: 2-3 Notes

57. Jim Larranaga: Half Court Zone offense

58. Joe Ciampi: 1-1-3 zone

59. John Kresse: 1-2-2 zone pressure defense

60. John Robic: Youngstown zone offense

61. John Thompson: Zone Offense

62. John Thompson: Georgetown Zone Offense

63. John Kresse: 1-2-2, 1-3-1, 2-3 zones

64. John Kresse: Zone Offenses

65. Johnny Jones: North Texas Set Plays

66. Josh Kendrick: Set Plays

67. Kevin Boyle: Nike 2008 Zone Entries

68. Kevin Boyle: Zone Offense

69. Kevin O’Neill: Matchup Zone

70. Kevin O’Neill: Zone Offense

71. Kevin Stallings: Illinois State Zone Offense

72. Kevin Stallings: Vanderbilt Quick Hitters

73. Mike Brey: Zone Offense

74. Mike Divillbiss: 2-3 zone trap zone

75. Mike Dunlap: 1-1-3 matchup zone

76. Mike Dunlap: 1-1-3 zone

77. Mike Dunlap: 1-1-3 man zone defense

78. New Heights coaching academy

79. Nike Las Vegas 2009 Clinic Notes

80. Nike Myrtle Beach 2008 Clinic Notes

81. Nike Myrtle Beach 2009 Clinic Notes

82. Nolan Richardson Arkansas 1-3-1 zone

83. Nolan Richardson Arkansas 1-3-1 Drills

84. Pacific Zone Offense Sets

85. Point Zone Defense

86. Point Zone Slide Show

87. Radford Wheel Zone attack zone

88. Rick Majerus: Zone Offense

89. Robb Berger: Zone Defense

90. Roy Williams: Kansas attacking zones

91. Royce Waltman: Zone Offense

92. Sean Miller: Attacking zones Nike Vegas 2009

93. Sean Miller: Attacking Zones

94. Sean Miller: Zone Attacks

95. Sidney Lowe: NC State Zone Offense

96. Spencer 1-1-3 Matchup Zone

97. Steve Klaas: 1-3-1 zone traps

98. Steve Smith: Oak Hill Academy Zone

99. Teaching Point Matchup Zone

100. Tim Welsh: Zone Offense

101. Tom Billeter: Triangle and Two Defense

102. Tom Izzo: Set Plays vs. 1-3-1 and 1-2-2

103. Tom Izzo: Zone Sets

104. Tom Pecora: Hofstra Matchup Zone Defense

105. Tom Pecora: Hofstra Zone

106. Triangle and Two Defense

107. Tubby Smith: Kentucky Double Stack Zone Offense

108. Vance Walberg: Pat Rogers Zone Offense

109. Villanova zone offense

110. Zone Offense: Basics

111. Kelvin Sampson, Skip Prosser, Renee Portland

112. Lason Perkins Open Post Offense

113. Lithuania 2008 Basketball Clinic

114. Lon Kruger Unlv Set Plays

115. Lon Kruger UNLV Playbook

116. Metro State Practice and Clinic

117. Mike Dunlap Fall 2002 Clinic

118. Mike Dunlap Metro State Clinic

119. Nike Maine West 2009 Clinic

120. Nike Las Vegas 2009