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Coach Peterman

Friday, February 19, 2010

Encyclopedia of Offense Part 4 eBook now released


We just released the Encyclopedia of Offense Part 4 eBook now.  We have have compiled a tremendous list of 84 basketball coaching notes on offense.  I think that you are going to enjoy all the different basketball coaching notes. 

As a bonus, I have assembled all the 71 Chalkboard diagrams from our website and included the eBook: "Dribble Drive Motion Offense: The book on DDM" for free.

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List of Basketball Coaching Notes:

2009 Power Clinic Notes

2009 BCAM Clinic Notes

4 Man Flex Offense

Al Skinner: Boston College Flex Offense

Bill McCullen: Dewitt Program Notes

Denny Kuiper: Program Notes

Jeff Walz: Louisville Notes

Jim Boylen: Transition Offense

John Beilein: Attacking Pressure Defenses

Keno Davis: Offensive Concepts

Matt Painter: Purdue Basketball Notes

Mike Anderson: Offensive Material

Randy Bennett: St. Mary’s Program Notes

Bill Self: Ball Screen Offense

Billy Donovan: 10 aggressive transition and conditioning drills

Bob Huggins: BCAM 2009 Notes

Bozidar Malikovic: Zone Offense

Bruce Pearl / Pat Summitt 2009 Clinic Notes

Bruce Weber: Attacking Gimmick defenses and special situations

Carlo Recalcati: Man Offense

Chase DDM Spread Offense

Chris Finch: Great Britan Motion Offense and how we teach it

Chris Finch: Transition Game and how we teach it

Clinic to end all Clinics 2009

Dana Altman: Biloxi Coaching Clinic 2003

Dave Bliss: 4 man flex offense and quick hitters package

Dave Paulsen: Motion Offense for Beginners

Del Harris: Coaching Bullets to Consider

DeMatha Basketball Coaching Clinic Notes 2009

Don Meyer: Nike Las Vegas 2009

Eric Musselman: 37 essential skills

Eric Musselman: Twirl C series offense

Ettore Messina and AITO GARCIA RENESES: Philosophy

Ettrore Messina Man Offense and Defense Belgrade 2004

Florida Self Improvement Clinic 2009 Notes

GAHR Clinic 2009: Ben Howland, Johnny Dawkins, and etc.

Garden State Basketball Coaching Clinic Notes

Greg McDermott: Iowa State Set Play Offense

Gregg Popovich: Belgrade 2004 Clinic

Harry Perretta: Spread Offense

Harry Perretta: Villanova Program Offense Notes

Harry Perretta: Villanova Spread Offense

Hubie Brown: Coaching clinic

Jeff Bzdelik: Colorado Buffaloes Practice Plan

Jeff Van Gundy: Coaching Clinic Notes

Jerry Petitgoue: 20 Set Plays

Jerry Petitgoue: Dribble Drive Motion Offense

Jim Boylen: BCAM 2009 Notes

Joe Mihalich: Inbounds and Specials

John Beilein: BCAM 2009 Notes

John Calipari: Coaching and Inspiring Athletes Notes

John Calipari: Kentucky DDM Notes

John Carroll Women’s OB Sets

John Hedstrom: Dribble Drive Motion Offense clinic

Kevin O’Neill: Northwestern Offense

Lawrence Frank: NJ Nets Practice

Leon Rice: 12 quick hitters for Flex Offense

Lithuania 2008 Basketball Coaching Clinic

Mark Few: Offensive Concepts

Mark Turgeon: Texas AM Practice Plan

Matt Painter: BCAM 2009 Notes

Mike Anderson: BCAM 2009 Notes

Mike Brey: Notre Dame Motion Offense

Mike Rudd: Continuity Inside Game

Morgan Wooten: Coaching to win in Special Situations

New Jersey Nets Practice Plan

Nike Clinic: Maine West 2009 Notes

ONU Offensive Attack: Doug Porter

Pete Carril: Princeton Chin Series

Pete Gillen: Four Keys to Scouting an Opponent

Phil Beckner: 100 things I’ve seen coaching at the college level

Rick Torbett: Read and React Offense

Roy Williams: Coaching Clinic

Roy Williams: UNC offensive Clinic

Roy Williams: UNC Post Clinic

Salesian Basketball Coaching Clinic 2009

Steve Nash Shooting Workout

Steve Smith: Conditioning drills with basketball 2009

Ted Rodopoulos: Zone Offense

The System

Tim Floyd: Playbook

Tod Kolwalczyk: 1-4 zone offense

Understanding the ONU Run and Gun System

Vance Walberg: UMASS Dribble Drive Atack Clinic 2009

I think that you will enjoy this eBook package and you should be able to find a new "wrinkle" for the playoffs to get you over the "hump".

Coach Peterman

Sunday, February 14, 2010

"Cutting Edge Set Plays from the NBA and NCAA Levels" eBook is now released


I am proud to release "Cutting Edge Set Plays from the NBA and NCAA Division 1 Levels". I know that you are close to the playoffs and will be scouted really well. Here is a eBook that has over 70 set plays, blobs, and slobs for you.

Don't make the mistake of adding a couple "new" wrinkles to your set plays, blobs, or slobs. You don't want to miss the playoffs, because they scouted you and you don't have a new "play" that you can go to.

Buy Now: 

Table of Contents:

NCAA Set Plays: 37 set plays

NBA Set Plays: 25 set plays

NBA Transition Sets: 3 Breaks

Blobs: 7 Blobs

Slobs: 3 Slobs

You can't beat a couple new set plays, blobs, or slobs to throw off your competition. You should check it out.

Coach Peterman