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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The "Encyclopedia of Defense" Series 2 is now released!! Two bonus items included: Flex and Gaps Fullcourt Press Ebooks!!!

Encyclopedia of Defense Series 2 is now released with two bonus items: Flex and Gaps Fullcourt Press Ebooks

Here is the "Encyclopedia of Defense" Series 2 with an added bonus. It also includes a Flex ebook and Gaps Fullcourt Press Ebook. You can't go wrong with this product. It is everything that you would want on Defense from a full court and half court perspective. If you want zone or man stuff... It's in here. Do you want to learn from Mike Dunlap, Nolan Richardson, Rick Majerus, or Rick Pitino? They are in there.

It also includes a Flex ebook that has everything that you could want on the flex offense. The Gaps Fullcourt Press ebook is the only thing on the market that covers his press.


You can't go wrong with this stuff!!!

Here is what is on the download:

Joe Ciampi: 1-1-3 zone
Joe McKeown: GW matchup zone
John Kresse: 1-2-2 zone pressure defense
John Kresse: College of Charleston zone press
John Kresse: 1-2-2, 1-3-1 press
John Kresse: Defensive Winners
Ken Shields: Defense
Kent Adams: Full court pressure defense
Kevin O’Neill: Defensive thoughts
Kevin O’Neill: Matchup zone
Kevin O’Neill: My defensive concepts
Kevin O’Neill: Priority Man to Man defense
Kevin O’Neill: Shell Drill
Larry Shyatt: Face guard defense notes
Metro State Practice and clinic notes
Miami Heat playbook
Mike Dunlap: 1-1-3 matchup zone
Mike Dunlap: 2-2-1 press
Mike Dunlap: Improve your coaching
Mike Dunlap: Metro State Clinic
Mike Garland: Mich. State rebounding
Mike Heideman: Eliminating turnovers
Mike Heideman: Defensive system
Mike McConathy: man plus drill
Mike McConathy: Late Game Situations
Mike DeVillibis: Clinics 1 and 2
Mike Dunlap: Defensive Philosophy
Mike Moran: Platooning
Mike Dunlap: Defense
Mike Dunlap: Defensive Philosophy
Nate McMilan: Sonics Pick and Roll Defense
Nolan Richardson: Arkansas man defense
Nolan Richardson: Arkansas 1-3-1 defense
Nolan Richardson: Arkansas 1-3-1 defense drills
Pack defense philosophy
Paul Hewitt: Georgia Tech Individual Defense
Pressure defense
Pressure Pack Line Defense
Quin Synder: Missouri Defense
Rick Majerus: Half Court man defense
Rick Pitino: Ball Defense
Rick Pitino: Pressing system
Rick Majerus: Breaking Switches
Robb Berger: Zone Defenses
Skip Prosser: Competitive Rebounding Drills
Skip Prosser: Matchup Press
Skip Prosser: Wake Forest Pressing system
Thad Matta: Xavier defensive philosophy
The Art of Defense
Tim Floyd: Notes
Todd Sturgeon: Post Defense
Tom Izzo: Michigan State Defense
Tom Crean: Transition Defense and Rebounding
Tom Izzo: Rebounding and Zone quick hitters
Tubby Smith: Georgia Black White Press
Gaps Fullcourt Press Ebook: Everything that I have on this Press
Flex Ebook: Everything that I have on Flex Offense

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