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All of my basketball e-books are in PDF form. PDF files can't get viruses unlike any other type of documents and power point presentations. I provide "Quality" to my materials and make them great for you.

Coach Peterman

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Boston Celtics 2010 Basketball Playbook : "Learn Doc Rivers Style of Play for the Boston Celtics"

Buy here for $15:


I am proud to introduce this newest basketball playbook. Boston Celtics 2009-2010 Basketball Playbook: "Learn Doc Rivers Style of Play for the Boston Celtics". It has their top eight plays, 11 Transition Sets, 39 Half-Court Sets, 9 Sideline Out of Bounds Plays, and 8 Baseline Out of Bounds plays. It is a total of 75 of their best basketball plays combined into one compact playbook.

Example of one of the "Top Plays"
Example of one of the "Half-Court Sets"

I really think that you will enjoy this NBA Playbook.  It will have variations on the Pick and Roll Offense that you normally don't see.  You might see a couple sets that you can incorporate into your set play offense or use them as quick hitters.  75 of the top basketball coaching plays from the Boston Celtics is at your disposal for $15.  I hope that you enjoy.

Coach Peterman

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